"Grassroots" means our priority is the racer. We're here for racing and epic adventure. Our events, rules, and decisions are based on what is good for the racer.

Coming up, Empire State Performance Rally! The action begins on Saturday November 7 in Rock Hill, NY. See you there! Take a look at the current entry list!

Empire State Performance Rally Countdown

  • Jumping Bridges

    Bo and Luke Duke taught us this was cool when we were seven years old and they were totally right.
  • Serious Racing

    More fun! More air! More parties! And great racing battles on the stages.
  • Adventure

    We're here to do something amazing, something most people will never do in their entire life.
  • Night Stages

    The thrill of racing through the unknown in the pitch black. Unequaled in motorsport.
  • Innovation

    NRS began with a revolt from the old boys network. We've lead innovation in this sport ever since, with more out-of-the-box thinking than you can shake a stick at.
  • Memories

    Your stories are going to be better than everyone else's when you get back to work on Monday.
Racer of the Day
Ray Piloto of Henderson, NV
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