Racing License

New Racers

You need a membership ($45) and a license ($65). Create an account, pay for both of those, then send in the paperwork you are given when you pay.

You may qualify for a Novice Competitor Orientation Exemption if you already have significant rallying experience. Contact your region for an Exemption Request form.

Current Racers

Renewals of memberships and licenses are now through the database. To renew either log in.

Medical Form

All racers need to have a current Medical Form on file.


  • Memberships are for 365 days.
  • Licenses expire on 12/31 each calendar year.
  • International FIA rally licenses are also available for $275. FIA rally licenses require 30 days for processing. Additional fees to expedite the license application will be paid by the competitor.

License Regions

NASA Rally Sport West
175 E Osgood Street
Long Beach, CA 90805

For license and membership questions for the Western region, contact Christine Marciniak at

NASA Rally Sport East
217 Caniff Lane
Cary, NC 27519

For license and membership questions for the Eastern region, contact Anders Green.