2012 Texas Rally Sprint : Postponed

This event has been postponed. Reschedule date to be anounced.
Saturday November 24th
Harris hill Raceway
San Marcos TX 78666

Regular Entry Fee (thorugh 11/23):Car $250 / Motorcycles $125
Late Entry Fee (through 11/24):Car $275 / Motorcycle $150

NASA membership is required as well as a NASA Rally Sport license. Membership is $45 and the NASA license has been reduced to $5 for this event.

Withdrawal: Entry minus $50.
Entry Link: http://www.nasarallysport.com/nrsdb

Supplemental Regulations: http://nasarallysport.com/event/TRS-2012-Supp-Regs-v2.pdf

We could use as many people as we can get our hands on. Primarily volunteers would be course workers--start, finish, timing, scoring, etc. At the moment we believe that dedicated HAM workers will not be necessary. The more volunteers the quicker things will run and the less we will rely upon any of the competitors for any "work". If need be however, the event will run like your local callycross with competitors being "tagged" with working while others race and then swapping out. Volunteering Link: http://www.nasarallysport.com/nrsdb

Entry List

Stage Info:
A common question has been: How many miles will the event be? Somewhere between 20-40 total miles would be a reasonable expectation.


Saturday 11/24/12

6am - waiver signing and safety check starts
8-9 - recce (1 pass) and stage set up/completion
9-10 - Built in hour to accomodate delays
10:01 - first car off
1-2 (approx)break for lunch
2-2:15 setup for next Group
2:15-6 - repeat as above

This schedule will be entirely flexible and change as conditions warrant. Please bring your lunch/food/fuel as necessary to the site as supplies are not within immediate (read 5 minutes or less) from the location. If you are not present at the time needed the event will move forward without you.

This is a casual event run on a non-casual schedule. It doesn't count for points for anything and there is no cash prize for winning. So while the primary purpose is to have fun, test your car, race in a new location with hopefully new people and new vehicles, the secondary goal is to get as much mileage in as possible. While things will not be rushed at the expense of safety the intent is to keep the pace "brisk". If you need to fix something, fix it and get back in line at the next opportunity. Your co-driver gets sick? Tell him or her to go puke and then get back in line at the next opportunity. We will attempt to keep breaks and downtime to a minimum.

Make NASA Rally Sport and Harris Hill Raceway proud when it comes to what stickers you have on your car. Hitting an arrow is a 5 second penalty. Blowing through tape and breaking it is a 10 second penalty. Being a "jackass" warrants immediate expulsion from the event subject to the sole discretion of any Harris Hill Raceway Staff or event organizer.

Multiple drivers sharing a single car (providing they both paid separately) is allowed. Roll cage and all safety gear required. Codrivers not required. Reg/Insurance not required. All entries/cars subject to approval by Anders and event organizer. There will be two classes, 2WD and AWD.

From Interstate 35 take the Yarriington rd exit. Head east until you reach Harris Hill road. Turn right and continue to the top of the hill. Harris hill Raceway will be on the left.

There are numerous lodging options in the area.

Primitive overnight camping is available at Brianne Corn Raceway less than 3 miles away. For more information contact Brianne Corn at bcorn68@gmail.com

My phone number is 512 585 2676

Harris Hill Raceway Website: