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HyperFest 2010


EntrantClassPlace 12345678Total
Randy ZimmerAWDFirst 2:412:402:402:393:093:093:133:1523:26
Anders GreenAWDSecond 2:422:432:432:403:143:143:183:1723:51
Ari MantopoulousAWDSecond 2:502:412:402:373:173:103:213:1523:51
Dimitri MartynovAWDFourth 2:442:432:422:393:103:083:323:1523:53
Constantine MantopoulousAWDFifth 2:412:412:422:364:323:113:163:1924:58
Kevin Turner2WDFirst 2:452:482:462:443:173:293:263:2524:41
Dave Shindle2WDSecond 2:522:472:502:503:323:273:343:3425:26
Mark Galperin2WDDNF 2:542:493:502:503:206:35--
Michael Hordijk2WDDNS

June 19/20 2010 Rallysprint

Summit Point, WV Entry Fee: $150 Withdrawal: You get 50 bucks back. Schedule Friday 6/18------------ 6pm - Gates open to get access to the area. Camping is allowed for participants/competitors/volunteers. There is a $20 gate fee for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. (Including me.) 9pm - Hangout/campfire? Saturday 6/19------------ 8:15 - Course Setup begins (Banner tape and course arrows) 9:30 - Recce 10:00 - Rides for HyperFest attendants begin 4:00 - Rides finish 6:00 - Dinner (No plans yet. Go somewhere? Cookout? Someone bringing a grill?) Sunday 6/20 9:01 to Noon - Sprint 1: "High Noon" All the laps we can get in before noon. Fastest time wins. Direction switches every hour. 1:00 to ?:00 - Sprint 2: "Last Man Standing" At 3:00 we start taking votes every hour on whether to race for another hour, and we keep racing till someone taps out. Entries: David Shindle Michael Hordijk Kevin Turner Dmitriy Martynov Mark Galperin Anders Green Randy Zimmer Constantine Mantopoulos Ari Mantopoulos Matt Smith [withdrew] David Allan [withdrew] Brad Morris [withdrew] Colin Bombara [withdrew] Lee Wildman [Withdrew] Minimum Entries needed to make the event happen: 6. We now have 10, so we're good to go. Philosophy This is a go have fun, mess around, hang out with your friends, everyone bring your rally car kind of event. It also means that we will be working together to do everything. So course setup, timing, countdowns, cleanup, etcetera will be cooperatively accomplished. "Rules" No asshatery. Make NASA Rally Sport proud when it comes to what stickers you have on your car. Hitting an arrow is a 5 second penalty. Blowing through tape and breaking it is a 10 second penalty. Multiple drivers sharing a single car (providing they both paid separately) is allowed. Roll cage required. Codrivers not required. Reg/Insurance not required. All entries/cars subject to approval by Anders. There will be two classes, which will be decided by horsepower, drive wheels, color, or how well they attract the ladies. Communal discussion Saturday night will finalize the classes. Everyone should look around their shop and bring with them an "award". You know what I mean. Categories can be up to you. "Winner Class 1" or "Best Effort" or "Most Ridiculous Henna Tattoo" and so on. Notes If you have an extra helmet, bring it. My phone number is 919.697.5282. Other HyperFest info: