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Hyperfest 2012

June 16/17 2012 Rallysprint

Online Results

Summit Point, WV
Early Entry Fee: $150, then, $175, then, $199
If you only want to be there Sunday for racing and not give rides, add $100.
Withdrawal: Entry minus $100.
Entry Link:
Dual Driver For One Car entries are allowed. Same price (for each driver, that is). An ambitious group could even TRIPLE enter a car, but you would have to expect some wackiness and non-optimized run group sorting in such a case. Each driver would create and pay for their own entry normally.

We could use about half a dozen folks for very simple stuff like taking tickets or writing down times. Come party with the rest of us!
Volunteering Link:

Entry List…

Friday 6/15------------
6pm - Gates open to get access to the area. Camping is allowed for participants/competitors/volunteers. There is a $20 gate fee for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. Racers and volunteers will get refunds once inside.
8pm: Dinner at Camino Real Mexican Restaurant 928 Berryville Avenue, Winchester, VA 22601-5916 (Exit 316 on I-81)

Saturday 6/17------------
8:15 - Course Setup begins (Banner tape and course arrows)
9:30 - Recce
10:00 - Rides for HyperFest attendants begin
4:00 - Rides finish
6:00 - Dinner - Cookout! Someone bring a grill!
7 or 8? - Daisy Dukes contest

Sunday 6/18
9:01 to 2pm or 3pm Rally Sprint!

This is a go have fun, mess around, hang out with your friends, everyone bring your rally car kind of event. It also means that we will be working together to do everything. So course setup, timing, countdowns, cleanup, etcetera will be cooperatively accomplished.

No asshatery. Make NASA Rally Sport proud when it comes to what stickers you have on your car. Hitting an arrow is a 5 second penalty. Blowing through tape and breaking it is a 10 second penalty. Multiple drivers sharing a single car (providing they both paid separately) is allowed. Roll cage and all safety gear required. Codrivers not required. Reg/Insurance not required. All entries/cars subject to approval by Anders. There will be two classes, 2WD and AWD. If other interesting classes come up, like horsepower, under/over 50 zip ties, or how well your car attracts the ladies, we might score those too. Communal discussion Saturday night will finalize the classes. Everyone should look around their shop and bring with them an "award". You know what I mean. Categories can be up to you. "Winner Class 1" or "Best Effort" or "Most Ridiculous Henna Tattoo" and so on.

ARC Points
For providing scheduled rides on Saturday: 4 start points.
For racing on Sunday: 2 start points plus one half of normal race points

Directions Once You Get to the Track
Take the first (Northwesternmost) entrance. A row of buildings will be on your left.
Take the first side road to your left, which goes down hill.
Drive to the bottom of the hill, where there is a square left.
Take the next side road to the right.
Keep driving till you see a bridge on your right and dirt ahead of you.
Take the dirt, our spot is on the left up on the hill. Set up tents there. You should be outside turn 10 at this point.

If you have an extra helmet, bring it. There is plenty of 93 and 110 gas at the pump inside the track. It's a regular pump that takes credit cards.

My phone number is 919.697.5282. I won't have service once at the track though.


Other HyperFest info: