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2015 HyperFest RallySprint

5/2/15 - 5/3/15 RallySprint Online Results (When available, 404 till then) RALLY MAP VIR at Danville, VA Early Entry Fee: $175 Saturday evening a week before the event, it goes up to $195. If you only want to be there Sunday for racing and not give rides, add $100. Withdrawal: Entry minus $100. Entry Link: Gate Fee If you're signed up and paid by Wednesday 5/22 you'll be on a list to get in the gate. Each entry gets in two people. That could be the driver and your codriver, the driver and your favorite crew guy, or the driver and your masseuse. But it's not the driver, the codriver, and a crew person. That's three people. ;) So, the driver, plus one. Everyone else needs a ticket to get in. Tickets Friday are $35, on Saturday, they are $25. Either you purchase one in advance, or you purchase one at the gate. I will be providing a list of registered and paid racers to the Hyper-Fest staff a little over a week before the sprint. If you aren't paid, or aren't entered, at that time, I'm sorry but you won't be on that list. Gate Schedule You can get in at any time (24 hours a day) but there different procedures for "Open Check In" and "Closed Check In". The gate is in "Open Check In" mode during these times: Thursday 5:30pm-8:30pm Friday 6:30am-8:30pm Saturday 6:30am-900am If you arrive when CHECK-IN is OPEN, the driver will follow signs that say “NASA participants” which means turning right prior to the main gate. At the check-in station, you and one crew will sign a waiver, get a gate wristband to get in free Each driver will get one paddock sticker which will allow one support vehicle to get into the Main NASA Paddock. Additional crew can purchase a $25 general admission at Check In. If you arrive when CHECK IN is CLOSED, the gate will have a list of registered drivers. The driver will be able to sign a waiver and get a gate wristband and paddock sticker. If the one crew person is with you, he will also get a gate wristband. If the crew person is not with you, that crew person will need to contact you when he arrives at the gate, and you will need to go up to the gate to tell the gate person that he is your one free crew. There will be no refunds of gate charges of $25 per person. If your one free crew arrives separately from you, they will need to contact you just prior to their arrival to have you meet them at the gate so that you can verify their free crew status with the gate official. No exceptions. If any of your overcrew (beyond the one) arrive outside of check-in hours noted above, they will pay $35 if they arrive prior to 8AM Saturday or can pay $25 if you can meet them at the gate. $35 is the advertised Early Bird price for arriving prior to 8AM Saturday. Volunteers We could use about half a dozen folks for very simple stuff like taking tickets or writing down times. Come party with the rest of us! Volunteering Link: I'll have your names on the free entry list providing you get signed up early enough! Registering Location Inside your NRS account: Entry List Schedule See the schedules page. Philosophy This is a go have fun, mess around, hang out with your friends, everyone bring your rally car kind of event. It also means that we will be working together to do everything. So course setup, timing, countdowns, cleanup, etcetera will be cooperatively accomplished. "Rules" No asshatery. Make NASA Rally Sport proud when it comes to what stickers you have on your car. Hitting an arrow is a 5 second penalty. Blowing through tape and breaking it is a 10 second penalty. Multiple drivers sharing a single car (providing they both paid separately) is allowed. Roll cage and all safety gear required. Codrivers not required. Reg/Insurance not required. All entries/cars subject to approval by Anders. There will be two classes, 2WD and AWD. If other interesting classes come up, like horsepower, under/over 50 zip ties, or how well your car attracts the ladies, we might score those too. Communal discussion Saturday night will finalize the classes. Everyone should look around their shop and bring with them an "award". You know what I mean. Categories can be up to you. "Winner Class 1" or "Best Effort" or "Most Ridiculous Henna Tattoo" and so on. Camping Facilities Almost all of the racers camp for HyperFest. That's weird for a rally... but we do it! :) Things that exist within the VIR track area: -Toilets -Showers (apparently in three places) -Fuel (93, 98, 110 leaded and unleaded) via pump and credit card. Please note you are allowed to bring only 20 gallons of your own fuel. No 55 gallon drums. -Restaraunts: Oak Tree Tavern (steaks and fancy stuff), Pagoda Grill (burgers, breakfast sandwiches) -Race shop to look at some helmets and seats Radio 147.440 is the official simplex frequency of the Hyperfest Rally Sprint ARC Points For providing scheduled rides on Saturday: 4 start points. For racing on Sunday: 2 start points plus one half of normal race points Directions Once You Get to the Track From the Guard House at the Main Entrance:
  • Drive 0.1 miles, then right at T
  • Drive 0.45 miles and stay straight through 4 way
  • Drive 0.35 miles and turn right toward the Karting track
  • The area known as "Spectator Hill" is now on your right. Set up on the back side near the Karting track Notes If you have an extra helmet, bring it. We can use them for the rides. My phone number is 919.697.5282. I may or may not have signal inside the track. I will have internet, so google chat at 2014: 2013: 2012: 2011: 2010: Other HyperFest info: