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How much does it cost to enter a rally?

Short attention span answer: $500 and up.

Now in more detail, it gets complicated. For starters, there are one day rallies, two day rallies, and also smaller one day rallies called sprints. A sprint is generally contained all on one piece of property. So, each "size" of event has a different typical price. It might be roughly like this:

Rally Sprint $275
One Day Rally $500
Two Day Rally $750

This is further complicated by a standard tradition within the rally community, the early, regular, and late entry fees. Generally the prices mentioned are the early prices. The closer you get to the rally, the more expensive the entry fee. So, the entry fee may go up $100 at each step. So if you pay for that one day rally three months in advance, it could be $500, but if you decide to sign up the night before, it could be $700.

And that's not the end of it! The organizers of the events may have either additional discounts (like tow money if you're coming from far away) or additional costs (charging separately for recce or shakedown) that may or may not apply to you. Or maybe not, it could be a flat fee for everyone. The only way to find out the exact price for a particular rally is to read the Supplemental Regulations document published by that event.

There are other non-NASA rallies in the country where entry fees are much higher, as much as $2400 for a two day race. If you're wondering what the difference is... you're not the only one. ;) The structure of those events is roughly the same and the number of miles raced are the same.