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Changes to license fees and the PRO license for 2024.

PRO class car

Hello Racers!

After several years of license fees staying the same, your NASA Rally Sport license fee has been increased to $110 for 2024.  However, this comes with good news!  The increase allows us to provide all competitors with a new set of FREE vinyl at registration for every event.  

Being a grassroots organization and racers ourselves, we never like to see any of the costs increase.  But doing so helps us to invest in improvements, and enables us to offer an even simpler and more generous vinyl plan for competitors. 

-Perry Seaman, Eastern Director NASA Rally Sport

Along with this change, PRO class entries no longer require a special license and can no longer choose their competition number. PRO will continue as a competitive class.  This means that competitors with AWD sequential transmissions or vehicles of exceptional performance are no longer penalized with higher license fees if they do not wish to contribute to volunteer funding.  As an offset to this change, we have added a pay button inside your account at where you can contribute $50 to a fund for volunteer gas cards.  The gas cards will be handed out at events throughout the season as funds become available from competitors. 

For the Atlantic Rally CUP, the numbers freed up from PRO entries will now be reserved for the previous year winners.  

Thank you for racing with us!

Stay tuned for more changes to be rolled out in the coming weeks for the 2024 season!