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Rules and Regulations

Rule books posted on this page are the current rules, regardless of when they were first authored.

If you are currently building a car please contact Scrutineering at and discuss. We are working on significant rule changes for 2024.

General Regulations for Rallies

Document Last Update
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GRR Sections 1&2 - Event Rules 2.25.2021
GRR Section 3 - Car Rules 12.14.2020
GRR Section 4 - Motorcycle / RallyMoto™ Rules 02.09.2024
GRR Section 5 - Quad / RallyQuad™ Rules 6.27.2016
GRR Section 6 - RallySxS™ Rules 11.28.2016
GRR, Appendix B - Roll cage construction diagrams 3.15.2014
GRR, Appendix C - Rally-X regulations 12.06.2008

Rules for car graphics and series points for championships that NASA Rally Sport participates in can be found on the web site of that championship. (See "Championships" menu above)

Sporting & Technical Bulletins

Bulletin Details
02-14-22 Snell 2010 Helmets
02-22-24 Section 4 Moto Turn Signals