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2013 Texas Rally Lab

Ready to learn something new in the dirt? Quick! Get to the laboratory! Be sure to come out to this collaboration between NASA Texas and NASA Rally Sport for an awesome weekend in the dirt.

This is a combination of both driving skills and classroom instruction about how rally works. The very informative seminar counts toward your official Rally License. You'll be taking instruction from actual rally racers in both driving and codriving!

Rally Lab Entry Fee $125
Enter through the NASA Texas Region registration system

Over on the NASA discussion forums, there's:
* An annoucement thread
* An entry list thread

Saturday Feb. 16
8 am: Tech and Registration.
9 am: Classroom. Cover basic rally rules, signage, time card, safety, etc.
12 pm: Lead / follow 2 pass recce in each direction.
1 pm: return to classroom to clean up notes with instruction from experienced co-drivers.
3 pm: Leave MTC at clubhouse. Transit to stage.
5:30 pm: transit from stage back to MTC at clubhouse.
Dinner / Party etc.

Sunday Feb 17
9 am: check in at clubhouse
10 am: Leave MTC. Transit to stage.
1 pm Transit back to clubhouse.
Class dismissed.

This schedule will be entirely flexible and change as conditions warrant. Please bring your lunch/food/fuel as necessary to the site as supplies are not within immediate (read 5 minutes or less) from the location. If you are not present at the time needed the event will move forward without you.

Standard rallycross safety and tech inspection will apply to all persons and vehicles participating in the Rally Lab.

We could use as many people as we can get our hands on. Primarily volunteers would be course workers--start, finish, timing, scoring, etc. At the moment we believe that dedicated HAM workers will not be necessary. The more volunteers the quicker things will run and the less we will rely upon any of the competitors for any "work". If need be however, the event will run like your local rallycross with competitors being "tagged" with working while others race and then swapping out.

Want to volunteer? Please sign up using the NRS database: Volunteer! There is even a "how to" video if you're a first timer.


  1. From Interstate 35 take the Yarrington rd exit.
  2. Head east until you reach Harris Hill road, then turn right.
  3. Continue to the top of the hill, then turn left into Harris Hill Raceway.

There are numerous lodging options in the area. Primitive overnight camping is available at Brianne Corn Raceway less than 3 miles away. For more information contact Brianne Corn at