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How are race numbers assigned?

It depends what part of the country you're in.

For the Eastern half, if you're running in the Atlantic Rally Cup, you run the number that you earn in the championship

  • If you ran with the ARC last year and scored finishing points, you are assigned a number based on how many points you racked up in the championship. Getting the most points means you run the #1 plate next year, second most points gets #2, and so on.
  • If you are running in the ARC for the first time, you'll be assigned a new-to-the-series number that is in the 900-999 range. It starts with 901, and you receive the next available number.
  • If you've run with ARC before, but didn't run last year, you get the next available two digit number. Generally this will be in the range of 60-99.

For motorcycles, the winning plate is #101, and the procedure is about the same.

For the Western half of the country, if you're running in the Pacific Rally Cup, it looks like this:

  • First time competitors will be contacted for a list of desired numbers upon registering for an event.
  • Due to a four decade history with the California Rally Series, competitors may run a number they have been using with the CRS. The same number must be run for the entire season.
  • This includes a number obtained from another series, or a selected number.
  • Number conflicts will be resolved first by seeing if the number was established by a racer the previous year, and second, on a first come first serve basis.