NRS Live On YouTube!

NASA Rally Sport recently revived the Friday night rally chat format with a live broadcast on YouTube!  Your NRS Directors talked to Chase Blakely, a new rally competitor, about his first event at Hardwood Rally.  We also discussed our Discord server, Atlantic Rally Cup results, Rally driving games, announced an upcoming new NRS event, and more!

We plan more events like this in the future. Watch for an announcement on our YouTube channel to join the conversation live!

NASA Rally Sport test of the 'Red Flag Rule' was successful at Hardwood Rally!

NASA Rally Sport tested out a new "Red Flag Rule" during this year's running of the Central UP Hardwood Rally.  This rule change has been in development this year as a way to increase competitor safety while also keeping more racers in the rally instead of DNF (Did Not Finish).  This was inspired by a trip a few of our senior volunteers took this year to the Rally of Nations Guanajuato where a similar process was used by the FIA.