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How do I get a log book?

Getting a log book is the official act that begins the life of a race car. The log book is not issued until the roll cage has been inspected in person by a NASA Rally Sport scrutineer.

Contact a scrutineer (also called a tech inspector) near you. Begin by getting them on the phone (yes, email is nice as an intro, but you really want to get on the phone) and talk about what your plans are. Next, get diagrams and pictures back and forth of the roll cage to make sure everything is progressing correctly. By the time the car finally gets to the rally, the scrutineer will be very familiar with your car, and while we don't issue guarantees that it will get a log book at that time, we've never had someone who's gone through this comprehensive, cooperative advance contact with scrutineers fail to get a log book.

We occasionally get asked if we can issue one for a car, sight unseen, only by sending digital pictures back and forth. No, we can't do that. However, as long as all the proper effort gets put into the consultation process with the scrutineers, we've never had any show-stopper issues come up at the first event for the car.

Motorcycles don't need a log book at all. Lucky crazies. :)