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How do I get my Medical Form filled out?

Do I have to get a physical?
That's up to your doctor. If you've had one recently and your doctor knows you and will fill out the form, that's fine too.

Do I have to go to my primary physician?
No, any practicing medical doctor can sign the form. Doctors at your local QuickMed/UrgentCare are just as qualified.

The form talks about an EKG Do I have to get an EKG?
If you are over 40 years old, you may need to get an EKG. Read the form for guidance.

The form asks about my eyesight. Does it want my eyesight with glasses, or without?
Your corrected vision is the desired measurement.

The form says it has to be completely filled out but I don't know my NASA membership number, what do I do?
You can safely send in the form without your membership number or license number.

Can I sign this form "electronically" with Adobe?
No, please use a pen.

Do I have to get this signed by a doctor?