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Outline of Activities at the Rally

Pre-event Activities

  • Announcing the rally's date.
  • Publication of the Supplemental Regulations.
  • Opening of registration to accept entries.
  • Publication of the stage schedule.

Competition activities:

  • On-site registration.
  • Technical inspection of vehicles and safety gear.
  • Novice seminar.
  • Parc exposé. (Car/bike show).
  • Practice or press stage.
  • Competition stages, transits, and regrouping controls.
  • Defined areas for fueling and servicing competition cars.
  • Defined spectator areas.
  • Parc Fermé (cars parked-no work can be done on them.)

Post-event Activities:

  • Post race impound.
  • Posting of provisional scores.
  • A defined period for protests.
  • Final results announcement and award ceremony.
  • Party and after-party.