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What is a 'Movement Plan'?

A Movement Plan is a document, usually drawn up by the codriver or team manager, that contains the outline of where everyone in the team is going to be during the event. Rallies are usually spread out over several days, and several cities, and a team might have somewhere between two and ten people. That's a lot of detail to keep track of.

The outline of a basic movement plan is as follows:

  • Personnel. For each driver, navigator, crew member, helper, a list of:
    • Name
    • Phone number
    • Role on the team
  • Schedule. For each item, list when it's happening, where it is, and which team members are going to attend that particular item. Types of things that go on this schedule include:
    • Leaving home
    • Arriving at the rally
    • Picking up people at the airport
    • Waking up
    • Eating
    • Arriving at Registration
    • Arrive at service area
    • Arrive at Parc Expose
    • Essentially, everywhere and everything
  • Lodging. Details on the hotel, including the address, the phone number. Details on how many rooms, which nights, and who's staying where.

At a grassroots level, the movement plan's main benefit is preventing problems. An example would be the last minute crew guy you picked up from an internet forum, he heads into town from the service area to get a spare part. Only, the time card or route book is sitting in the back seat. And no one thought to get his phone number because you've chatting through facebook, and there's no data connection out here. Or your crew packs up after service 1 to head out to service 2, which is a gas stop. You don't realize that they won't have time to get back to service 3 in time, and they should have just taken the other pickup with some gas jugs and not the whole service van, now you arrive at service three and the only thing that's there is a popup tent and a tarp. Or you were counting on Crew Guy #2 to fill up the service rig with gas on day two, but no one told him, and they made it to service just fine, but now they have to retrieve you and don't have enough gas to make it out to the stages and back.