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Changes to the Medical Process for 2024!

We're always working towards a better competitor experience here at NASA Rally Sport and are excited to announce some changes to our medical process!  These changes have been rolling out over the last year and will make it easier to compete with us in 2024! 

First, medicals now expire at the end of the calendar year.  No more worrying about your expiration date mid season!  When you check your expiration date on the page in your account for updating your membership and license, you will now see an end of year date. 

Second, if you don't have one of the listed conditions, the medical now requires an EKG at 55 years young instead of 45 as before.  To many folks, this will save some trouble and expense when getting your medical form completed.  

Last but not least, we can now accept an online medical self certification for individuals meeting certain criteria!  This is a process available through our association with the NASA road race organization.  If you are under 55 and relatively healthy, you can now submit your information online for review.  If you do not need further review, you can pay $50 and a medical will be granted within a day or two that is good until the end of the current calendar year.  No trip to the doc!

All of this is rolled out within your account at and ready for use!