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RallyMoto regulations updated!

Hello RallyMoto Racers!

Check out for an update to Section 4 and a recent bulletin, pertaining to RallyMoto competitors.  

While updating basic safety requirements, we took the opportunity to review and include things that you, the RallyMoto competitor, have been asking for.  Things like running airless tire systems at events without tarmac, and getting rid of complicated turn signal rules. 

Another significant change are a few alterations to the classing structure.  We removed the previous unscored Adventure class and it's complicated provisions and replaced it with an unscored "Exhibition" class in a similar way to other vehicle rules.  We then renamed the Motorcycle Heavy class with the Adventure name to more accurately reflect the types of bikes in that class.  

We also now have a form on the rules page where changes can be suggested for any of our rule sets.  If you find something you feel would benefit from a change post it up there and we will review it for future revisions.

We're excited to see RallyMoto action at multiple events this year and crown a 2024 RallyMoto Champion in the Atlantic Rally Cup!