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Press Release

Sandblast Rally Partners with the Town of Cheraw

Cheraw, SC (January 15, 2007)

The organizers of the Sandblast Rally are happy to announce that the town of Cheraw has come on board as a sponsor. This is the second consecutive year that Cheraw has partnered with the racing event that will happen on February 17th.

"I'm excited about Sandblast", reported Cheraw Mayor Andy Ingram, "I've been out to spectate in the Sand Hills, and those cars are amazing. I don't how those drivers do it. For the town, we evaluated the economic impact that the rally has on Cheraw, and it clearly showed that this is exactly the sort of event we want to continue to encourage. The benefit to the citizens of Cheraw, not just in status but in real dollars, is sizeable."

The Sandblast Rally is a racing event that takes place on closed roads throughout the Sand Hills State Forest. High horsepower all wheel drive vehicles blast through the woods at speeds over 120 miles per hour. The two wheel drive cars fight a very competitive battle, with driver skill coming to the forefront as they tackle the sandy roads, unique in condition within the Eastern States Rally Championship. This year marks the addition of motorcycles to the list of machines allowed to compete.

"I think it's fantastic that Cheraw wants to continue their involvement with the rally." says Rally Chairman Anders Green. "Renewing their sponsorship for another year really says that our event has a value to this community. With the national exposure that Sandblast Rally received last year, it's clear that having this kind of motorsports event based right in Cheraw helps make it a tourist destination. Our rallyists love these roads, and all year long I hear from them how nice the people are in South Carolina."

Spectating the race is possible at several spots throughout the forest. Information on tickets and locations is available via The event is also looking for volunteers to help marshal the race. "The marshals get a great deal", says Green "because they are positioned right on the course. They'll see more of the race than I will! We try to take care of them as best we can, with free T-shirts, lunch, and inviting them to the awards banquet with all the drivers. There's a training discussion the night before where we go over everything they need to know, so there's no experience required." People wanting to volunteer can call 919.303.0218 or preferably email Anders Green at

The Sandblast Rally is the first event of the Eastern States Rally Championship (ESRC), which travels as far north at New York and as far west as Tennessee. More information on the rally can be found on The ESRC is run by NASA Rally Sport, which sanctions events all across the country. For information on NASA Rally Sport and the ESRC, visit

Contact: Sandblast Rally Media 919.697.5282