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NASA Rally Sport expands Rally Tennessee to be the longest rally in America

Raleigh, NC May 17, 2010

Rally Tennessee, which takes place in Perry County on May 29 - 30, 2010, has expanded its route this year. Adding a new stage in the southern end of the county, a twisty course that runs parallel to a small stream before heading back up to the ridge, has made Rally Tennessee the longest stage rally in the United States. The course is roughly twenty percent longer than any other event in the country and includes a scheduled 158 miles of competition packed into two days. The all-paved tarmac course is very twisty as it runs through the hills of Middle Tennessee.

"We're pretty excited about it." says Anders Green of NASA Rally Sport. "All competitors love getting more racing. The amazing part is that this new stage starts only two miles from an existing stage, so the rally has remained very compact. Every rally driver, in their heart, really wants ten or twenty mile stages out in the woods. The drivers will get two chances to look at the roads, called 'recce', and then the race is on!"

Rally racing began in the early part of the last century, racing from one city to another. It was a free for all, with no defined route, and drivers were free to take whatever route they thought best, passing other daily traffic as they went. As the machines became faster, and reliable enough that the drivers didn't have to carry a mechanic with them, the courses became more rigidly defined. As we entered the modern era of rallying in the 1970s, the events became flat-out high speed racing, and the roads are
closed for the racing.

"Perry County and the towns of Lobelville and Linden, have been very helpful to us." says event organizer Amy Feistel. "We have doubled the number of spectator areas available on the last day of racing, and we think that will help get more people coming out to watch. There will also be a free country music concert featuring T. Graham Brown in Lobelville on Saturday after the racing. We're shooting for as much economic impact in the area as possible." Guides on where to spectate, with
schedules and driving directions, will be available at Main Street Market Deli in Lobelville and Sanders Service Center in Linden. The free concert in Lobelville's Music Park begins at 7:30pm on Saturday, May 29, 2010.

More information, along with how to get behind the scenes and even closer to the drivers as a volunteer, is available at The web site also has a sign up to receive text message updates on scores and activities during the rally.

Rally Tennessee is part of the 2010 Atlantic Rally Cup and the 2010 Atlantic RallyMoto™ Cup. International competitors from as far away as Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, Poland, and Russia join competitors from as close as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. Rally Tennessee attracts novice and veteran competitors alike while spectators enjoy the variety of viewing locations throughout Perry County.

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Note to editors:
• Rally Tennessee takes place in the Town of Linden and the City of Lobelville, Perry County, Tennessee.
• Rally Tennessee will be held on May 29-30, 2010.
• For motorcycles, Rally Tennessee is part of the Atlantic RallyMoto™ Cup, the only rally format championship for motorcycles in America. The Atlantic RallyMoto™ Cup is part of NASA Rally Sport's trademarked RallyMoto™ program.
• For cars, Rally Tennessee is part of the Atlantic Rally Cup.
• For media support contact Amy Feistel: +1 919.434.3267,