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Press Release

Rally Tennessee Opens Memorial Day Weekend Celebrations

Linden, Tennessee, March 19, 2010

Celebrating it's 6th year, the nationally acclaimed Rally Tennessee opens Perry County Memorial Day Weekend celebrations in 2010! Rally Tennessee is a two-day event, May 29-30, showcasing off-road racing with rally cars and dual sport motorcycles. Rally racing is the ultimate in racing entertainment with adrenaline pumped moments of racing action and spit-second motorsports competition. On closed courses, drivers and riders battle each other and the terrain for the win.

Memorial Day Weekend celebrations will include live country music in Linden and Lobelville before and during the racing. This year's event will include six spectator areas across Perry County, a new racing stage, and a rally car and motorcycle show in downtown Linden and Lobelville; all offering ample opportunities for the community to watch the race and meet the competitors and sponsors.

NASA Rally Sport's annual Rally Tennessee is the premier tarmac event in the United States and provides a special challenge to the racers. The rally is unique in its terrain which takes advantage of the winding roads along Tennessee's mountain ridges. Although rally racing roads come in many flavors, the predominant format in North America is gravel roads. The paved roads of Rally Tennessee require careful preparation. Competitors must use specialized tires and re-tune their suspension dramatically to hold the course. Even their driving styles must change completely to accommodate the very different grip conditions of Perry County's roads.

Rally Tennessee is part of the 2010 Atlantic Rally Cup and the 2010 Atlantic RallyMoto™ Cup. International competitors from as far away as Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, Poland, and Russia join competitors from as close as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee. Rally Tennessee attracts novice and veteran competitors alike while spectators enjoy the variety of viewing locations throughout Perry County.

Rally Tennessee offers participation opportunities to those interested in motorsports and racing. Volunteers can get involved at the starts and finishes of the racing stages, assist in the pit/service areas, facilitate communications, and help with registration. To get more information or get involved, visit

• Rally Tennessee takes place in the Town of Linden and the City of Lobelville, Perry
County, Tennessee.
• Rally Tennessee will be held on May 29-30, 2010.
• For motorcycles, Rally Tennessee is part of the Atlantic RallyMoto™ Cup, the only rally
format championship for motorcycles in America. The Atlantic RallyMoto™ Cup is part
of NASA Rally Sport's trademarked RallyMoto™ program.
• For cars, Rally Tennessee is part of the Atlantic Rally Cup.
• For media support contact Amy Feistel: +1 919.434.3267,