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Press Release

Rally Tennessee Car and Bike Race Nearly Upon Us

Raleigh, North Carolina, May 5, 2008

*Round Two of the Atlantic Rally Cup comes to Linden, TN
*Even more motorcycles this year
*National exposure expected

As Memorial Day looms and summer is about to begin with full strength, NASA Rally Sport's annual race will be taking place just an hour west of Nashville this weekend. Based in Linden, Tennessee, the rally will have cars and motorcycles racing over super twisty closed roads all day long on Saturday.

Although rally racing roads comes in many flavors, the predominant type in America is gravel roads. So this event, running on pavement, or 'tarmac' as it is known within the sport, provides a special challenge to the racers. They have to run different tires than usual and also need to re-tune their suspension dramatically. Even the driving style has to change completely for the very different grip condition.

Many of the competitors from last year will be returning this year. Enda McCormak, hailing from Ireland, will certainly be a contender for top car honors. Charles Sherrill, fresh off a overall win at Sandblast Rally, definitely has the right equipment for a win here in Tennessee, but his tarmac experience is most at race tracks so no one knows if he'll be able to translate that to a win on the stages.

On the bikes, Doug Morrison is the top placing contender returning from last year. Riding a BMW HP2 with over 100 horsepower, he has the history to put him on the podium. However, Mark Ely, who has won every RallyMoto(tm) event that he has entered so far, will also be here this year. Ely's specialty is gravel, so Morrison's greater tarmac time may finally dethrone Ely.

Also competing will be Per Schroder, of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. Schroder has been restoring an older Saab, a vehicle which has a long history in rally racing. Be sure to check your news stands in a couple of months for an article about his time in Perry County.

The rally is also still looking for volunteers of all types, especially folks to help at the starts and finishes of the stages where you'll get a chance to talk to the races, and also any ham radio volunteers to help with the communications network. The best way to sign up is to go to and go to the 'Volunteers' section to learn more.

Rally Tennessee occurs in the town of Linden, in Perry County Tennessee.
The rally takes place on Saturday May 24th.
For motorcycles, Rally Tennessee is part of the Atlantic RallyMoto(tm) Cup, the only championship for motorcycles in a rally format in America, as part of NASA Rally Sport's trademarked RallyMoto™ program.
For cars, Rally Tennessee is part of the Atlantic Rally Cup and the United States Rally Championship.
For media support contact Anders Green: +1 919 697 5282