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Press Release

High Desert Trails Congratulates the 2009 Winners!

Ridgecrest, CA February 27 2009

Lots of fun was had last weekend in Ridgecrest, California. We would like to thank all the competitors, workers and volunteers for coming out and making the 2009 High Desert Trails a big success! Congratulations go out to Bill Holmes & Sean Gallagher for the overall win. Consistent all day, the team did run into some fuel pump issues and needed every minute of service to get it going for the second event. The experienced team got it together and they took the win, as well as collected some Group 5 points for the CRS Championship.

Second place overall in their Open Class Subaru WRX, Keith Jackson & Marra Estep were quite fast even while Marra was gaining experience reading notes. Bill Holmes even commented that he had to “stay fast” in order to keep ahead of the AWD Subaru. They take home points for the CRS Open Class in both events.

First in CRS-GT in both events were Kevin Welker & Nolan Sambrano driving a non-turbo Subaru Impreza. You would think they had a boost from a turbo with their stage times that were right up in the top five all day. Their experience showed as the team had a solid running here, and they have collected a lot of CRS-GT points already this season!

First in the hotly contested Group 2 Class was Aurimas (Odi) Bakchis & Amy Bakchis. The team pushed their non-turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse hard and suffered no major mechanical issues at this event. Look for the team to continue to do well this season! Second place went to a new team driving their Nissan Sentra – Chris Palermo & Jeremy Fry who did well in their second rally and first time on notes.

The CRS P-Stock class had an event tie with John Black & Kacie Webb winning the first event with their Ford Ranger, and Chuck Wilson & Aaron Laeng taking the top spot back for the second event in their Toyota Corolla FX. Both these teams expressed how much fun they had at High Desert Trails, and we’re glad they could come out.

The rally kick started the CRS-Moto (Bikes) Championship with two entries. Roger Eggars finished both events and took the points for the Over 800 class in a 1200cc BMW. Andrew Sutherland finished both events and took the points home for the Under 800 class in a KTM Enduro. We hope to see them out on the stages again this year!

Thanks to ALL the teams for coming out and having fun with us!

Kristopher & Christine Marciniak
High Desert Trails Rally Organizers

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