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Rally to Run February 21st in California!

Los Angleles, CA November 21, 2008

Rally competitors, husband and wife team of Kristopher & Christine Marciniak, would like to introduce a new regional rally to the calendar for 2009. The High Desert Trails Rally will be a low key, affordable event. The rally will be held in Ridgecrest, California on February 21st 2009.

Planning on attending the CRS Rally School? This event will be a great place to practice your driving, note calling, and newly acquired rally skills. Plus, we’ll be giving those drivers, co-drivers, and riders a discount for completing this year’s school! We’ll have a single pass caravan reconnaissance you can do in your rally vehicle, along with organizer supplied stage notes! An open service is planned after each stage to give you plenty of time to get your machine back on the course.

Held just outside of town at the Ridgecrest motorsports park, the course is a 6 mile loop that has it all: fast and flowing sections, tight and technical, smooth and sandy. All freshly graded and ready to run. The day will be a compact rally split into two coefficient one events. It will be open to all vehicles meeting NASA RallySport requirements, including RallyMoto bikes!

Are you ready for a fun, low pressure event? Are you ready to work on reading or driving with stage notes? Are you ready to practice what you learned at the rally school? Want to shake down your rally car or bike for the 2009 season? The High Desert Trails Rally in Ridgecrest California is the place! Stay tuned to our website at for event info and registration. We can be contacted through email at:

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