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Press Release

Sandblast Rally Returns to South Carolina in 2008

Raleigh, NC December 12, 2007

Sandblast Rally scheduled for February 9, 2008
Cheraw, Chesterfield, Patrick are hosts towns
Rally cars and rally bikes battle sandy conditions
Sandblast Rally is gearing up once again for the 2008 rally season. Returning to the Sand Hills State Forest for the twelfth, the event continues to grow, attracting more racers and spectators.

The competitors have come to love this event for its special conditions. Burak Tuglu, campaigning a Spec Ford Focus, said "It's tricky, because the sandy roads are pretty easy on the cars, damage wise, so we really push them. But a sandy rut can grab the car and hurl it off the road in a split second, so it's a balancing act."

The towns are happy to have the event returning to their area. Town of Patrick Mayor Wendell Purdue said in a phone interview "We love to have the rally come through and do their pit stop on Festival Field right here in Patrick, as it ties in with our Pinestraw Festival promotion."

Last year saw the introduction of a "Parc Expose" in downtown Chesterfield on Friday night. This allowed all comers to meet and mingle with the drivers and riders of the cars and bikes. Food and live music was also on hand, temporarily turning the main street into a motorsports and music festival.

The Sandblast Rally, sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport, is a racing event that takes place on closed roads throughout the Sand Hills State Forest. High horsepower all wheel drive vehicles blast through the woods at speeds over 120 miles per hour. The two wheel drive cars fight a very competitive battle, with driver skill coming to the forefront as they tackle the sandy roads, unique in condition within the Atlantic Rally Cup.

Motorcycles also compete at Sandblast Rally. Just like the cars, they are fully street legal, registered, and insured. This year is the first year that the bikes will be fighting for a season championship, so the racing is expected to be even tighter.

Spectating the race is possible at several spots throughout the forest. Information on tickets and locations is available via The event is also looking for volunteers to help marshal the race. "The marshals get a great deal", says Green "because they are positioned right on the course. They'll see more of the race than I will! We try to take care of them as best we can, with free T-shirts, lunch, and inviting them to the awards banquet with all the drivers. There's a training discussion the night before where we go over everything they need to know, so there's no experience required." People wanting to volunteer can call 919.303.0218 or preferably email Anders Green at

Note to editors:
Sandblast Rally is the first event of the Atlantic Rally Cup (cars) and Atlantic RallyMoto(tm) Cup (motorcycles)
The ARC has events in SC, TN, WV, and NY
The event is sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport
More information is available at

For media support contact Anders Green: +1 919 697 5282