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Sandblast Rally Web Site Opens On Schedule

Cary, NC October 31, 2005

The web site for next year’s rally in South Carolina,, opens today. Competitors and fans alike can now access critical information nearly four months before the event, which will occur on February 18, 2006.

“We’re really trying to do our best to get this information out as soon as possible.” said organizer Anders Green. “When you’re trying to get fifty rally cars to blast through the forest on a very precise schedule, everyone needs to be on the same page. The easiest way to do that is to answer as many questions as possible in advance.”

While the site does contain regular information such where to stay or where to eat, the most anticipated document by rallyists is the Supplemental Regulations. This official rally document details the entry procedure, locations of the activities and service areas, and the many times and dates that lead up to the actually rally. All of this is used by the race teams to plan how much fuel they will need, what sort of tires they will use, and where to send their service rigs. To ensure completeness, this year’s Supplemental Regulations were modeled after FIA standards, which governs the World Rally Championship, a series that competes in countries as diverse as Sweden and Australia.

A few competitors got a sneak preview of the site to aid the organizers in fine tuning the interface. Nationally recognized rally driver Matthew Johnson of said, “Having full event details available on the web well in advance of the rally helps everyone involved from workers to competitors develop complete plans for success. Thank you!” Eric Adams, a co-driver who has competed at rallies across the country, also evaluated the site: “The site looks great. The visuals and speed of the menus and navigation is very good.” Internationally renowned rally driver Andrew Havas, known for his driving and personal style, commented “Based on all the posted information, competitors can rest easy knowing the rally is in good hands.”

“This process went very well.” said Green. “Instead of putting the site together with a nugget of info here and there and using lots of ‘check back soon’ pages, we moved the schedule back and opened the site with all the areas fully developed. Plus, I think it ended up looking very cool.”

Sandblast Rally 2006 is the first event of the rallying season for the Eastern States Rally Championship sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport. More information on the rally can be found on the web at .

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