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Press Release

NASA Rally Sport: Continuing America

LOS ANGELES,CA (November 9, 2004)

Representatives from American Rally Sport Group (ARSG) and Rally Promotions will continue their full association with National Auto Sport Association (NASA) to administer the quality "NASA Rally Sport" events held safely and successfully in 2004. NASA Rally Sport recognizes the sportsman ralliest as the heart of the sport in American Rallying. Its stated mission is to encourage the growth of stage rallying across the United States with fair,affordable events for the sportsman rally competitors, organized by experienced event organizers. A clear focus is on event safety for all participants.

The NASA Rally Sport Management Board includes John Shirley and Kendall Russell of Rally Promotions as Rally Sport East, and Roger Allison and Ray Hocker of American Rally Sport Group, as Rally Sport West, along with Wilson von Kessler as General Counsel.

ARSG's Ray Hocker states, "We wish to stress that NASA Rally Sport welcomes rally organizers and competitors, without exception, and invites them to become part of our exciting rally event program. We offer wonderful rally competition for all experience levels."

Inquiries regarding organizer and competitor inquiries should be addressed, geographically, to: Ray Hocker at, for NASA Rally Sport West, or John Shirley at for NASA Rally Sport East NASA Rally Sport information is also available through