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Press Release

Rally Entries Flooding into Sandblast Rally

Raleigh, North Carolina (December 8, 2008)

-One third full in first week
-Waiting list anticipated
-Cheraw, Patrick, and Chesterfield, South Carolina, gear up for incoming racers

Last week marked the opening of registration for the annual Sandblast Rally, a car and motorcycle racing event that takes place in South Carolina on February 7th. The number of entries have been very strong and currently stands at 34 racers total. Very likely this will lead to a waiting list for those wishing to enter the event.

"Even though I was expecting a good response, this really surprised me." report event organizer Anders Green. "We had about half a dozen folks who made sure to pay in the first hour of registration. Now, after a week, we're about a third full already. With eight weeks to go yet, I'm sure we're going to fill up soon."

The rally restricts the competitor entry during the first week, and only those racers who competed either last year at Sandblast or at the most recent event in the championship are eligible to register during that time. That reserved entry period has now expired and all racers are encouraged to enter now.

Last year the Sandblast Rally was the largest rally in the United States with eighty two entries when the cars and bikes pulled up to the starting line. Because thirty additional entry slots were added was there not a waiting list, and even so, only four entry spots remained unclaimed last year.

Director of Operations Amy Feistel has been in touch with the local hotels in the area. "The hotels in the area are telling me that they are already making reservations for the rally. Everyone is starting to get geared up for it."

The competitors have come to love this event for its special conditions. The sandy roads are unique to this event in the Atlantic Rally Cup. The local communities are also happy to have the event returning in 2009, with special events planned for Cheraw, Chesterfield and Patrick.

NASA Rally Sport sanctions the event as part of two series that run the length of the East Coast. The event is part of the Atlantic Rally Cup for the cars and the Atlantic RallyMoto(TM) Cup for the motorcycles. The roads of this event are naturally very sandy, but other event within the series run on gravel, pavement, and even snow. The drivers and riders are challenged on every possible type of terrain making.

"We're also getting an early start on finding volunteers" said Green. "Our web site, has a easy page where you can see what it's like to volunteer. Anyone can do it, especially if you want the best seat in the house to see the racing. If you've ever wanted to really get to hang out with some racer car drivers, here's your chance!"

Training will be available in advance for new volunteers. People who want to volunteer should register as a volunteer online or contact event director Amy Feistel at 919.434.3267 or

• Sandblast Rally is the second event of the Atlantic Rally Cup (cars) and Atlantic RallyMoto(TM) Cup (motorcycles)
• The Atlantic Rally Cup has events in New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia and New York
• The event is sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport
• More information is available at
• For media support contact Amy Feistel: +1 919.434.3267;