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Press Release

NASA Rally Sport racer Sam Smith becomes Executive Editor at Road & Track magazine

Raleigh, NC July 7th, 2012

Road & Track magazine announced today the promotion of Sam Smith to Executive Editor. NASA Rally Sport is proud that one of their own racers now holds such a prestigious post. Most recently Smith jumped into the navigator's seat of a rally car at Rally Tennessee. The all-paved rally featured the twistiest tarmac rally roads in the country, and Smith showed no fear as he directed his driver down the rally stages.

"I think it's just fantastic to have an actual rally racer as a highly placed editor at Road & Track." said Anders Green of NASA Rally Sport. "It's no secret that rally can be a difficult sport to understand, so to have someone as a top editor that really gets it is just plain good news for the sport of rally. Rallies are often too busy for making small talk, but I met up with Sam at the SEMA convention a little while back and his passion for rally, racing, and cars in general is just so clear."

Smith has experience with a wide range of topics, including various types of automotive racing. Smith also carries an impressive resume of feature articles in well-respected publications. A frequent author in the automotive section of Wired, he also has had his work featured in Car And Driver. And although one wouldn't call Esquire or The New York Times 'car magazines' there is no disputing the reach and importance of those publications. In the new world media regime, online and new content all the time is the driving mantra. Smith is familiar with the demands of a get-it-now internet readership. Smith served as a Senior Editor at Jalopnik. A massive web site with multi-millions of viewers, Jalopnik is a juggernaut of car culture and car news.

Smith raced in the Atlantic Rally Cup, a series sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport. The organization promotes grassroots rally racing and actively helps new racers get involved and into their first rally car. The NASA Rally Sport guide to getting started as a rally racer is available online at and organizers are available to discuss what first steps one should take to begin racing.


Media Contact: Anders Green 919.697.5282

Photo of the rally car Sam Smith raced in, photo credit Sam Smith, night shot at service:

Photo of rally car Sam Smith raced in, hood and doors open, photo credit Sam Smith

NASA Rally Sport logo:

The event was part of the Atlantic Rally Cup series.
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