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NASA Rally Sport Announces New East Coast Tarmac Event

Rock Hill, NY (December 14, 2012)

NASA Rally Sport is pleased to announce the formation of a new rally race in the state of New York. The two day event, named the Empire State Performance Rally, has new personnel stepping up as lead organizers and they are infusing the community with a lot of excitement. The event will be headed by Fran Gager and Michael Cosgrove. Within the sport of rally racing, tarmac refers to racing on closed paved roads as opposed to the closed gravel roads which are typical for rally in the United States.

"It's a great addition to our East Coast program." said Anders Green of NASA Rally Sport. "I think Fran and Michael are going to do an excellent job. Both have been involved in organizing rallies at a high level before. In the talks we've had over the last couple weeks, I very much feel that they have the NRS 'put on a rally for the racers' attitude that matches our grassroots philosophy."

The rally is scheduled for April 20 and 21 in Rock Hill, NY. A few of the roads selected have seen rally traffic before, however, new stages are already on the schedule. The event will count toward the Atlantic Rally Cup and will also be participating in the recently announced NASA National Rally Championship.

Fran Gager added, "All of us at the Empire State Performance Rally are very pleased and excited to team up and work with NASA Rally Sport. We are eager to make a positive contribution to the rally community and feel our contribution will be in line with NRS goals of growth and continued success!"

The event continues the long tradition of NASA Rally Sport being involved with tarmac rallying. Tarmac rallying can be very affordable, with the rules prohibiting outright slicks, most competitors use high performance street tires. Specialized 'tarmac only' suspension is generally not seen, as part of a gentleman's agreement among the drivers, who prefer to simply lower their existing gravel suspension and adjust the damping.

Media Contact: Anders Green 919.697.5282

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Mitsubishi EVO X on course
(Driver Robert Martai, photo credit Stole the Shot)

BMW 325 on course:
(Driver Michael Hooper, photo credit Stole the Shot)

Subaru STi on course:
(Driver Robb Rill, photo credit Stole the Shot)

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