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NASA Rally Sport Introduces The FIRM as Title Sponsor For The Atlantic Rally Cup

Raleigh, NC February 28 2013

NASA Rally Sport is proud to announce that it has partnered with The FIRM (Florida International Rally and Motorsports Park) to present the Atlantic Rally Cup for the 2013 season. The facility, which has been training rally drivers for over a decade, has undergone major renovations in the past year upgrading all aspects of the facilities, including the tracks, gravel courses, buildings, and training vehicles.

"It's a natural connection for us," said Anders Green of NASA Rally Sport. "We have a long history of having the most comprehensive training seminars for new rally competitors, but it's naturally all classroom based. There's obviously no time at a rally to add a multi-day driving training course too, so it's great to partner up with The FIRM to complete the education experience. The infrastructure that's been built and improved over the last year at the Florida facility is just really impressive."

The program isn't just another sticker covering up the cars. Several free driving courses will be won at each rally. The exact criteria will be released shortly, with the goal that the goods aren't reserved just for the outright winners, who by definition need the classes the least.

Scott Kovalik, Managing Director at The Firm, commented on the classes: "We've revamped the entire program in the last twelve months. We now have a fantastic stable of rally cars here for training, both all wheel drive and two wheel drive. The structure of the driving courses has also been tweaked to fully use the new roads and facilities we've built. All the fun stuff, full four wheel drifts, Scandinavian flicks, hand brake turns, left foot braking and plenty of serious practice at the fundamentals."

NASA Rally Sport, the grassroots rally sanctioning body in the US, focuses on competitor fun and providing support for rally organizers. Providing tools, technology, and systems to the organizers, racers, and fans to increase their enjoyment of rally is a core mission of NASA Rally Sport. Making sure that rally remains a sustainable and affordable passion for the drivers and organizers while building the family of racers and volunteers that make rally happen goes hand in hand with that mission.


Media Contact: Anders Green 919.697.5282


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