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Press Release

Noble Star Rally Climbs Podium At SandBlast Rally

Rochester Hills, MI (March 20th, 2013)

Noble Star Rally [NSR] driver, Amanda Skelly and co-driver Derrick Rudisel took their first podium finish at the 2013 Sandblast Rally in Cheraw, SC. At the rally, sanctioned by NASA Rally Sport, Skelly was the event’s only female rally driver in the fleet of 36 competitors. The team placed third in the Open AWD Light class (OAL), driving Skelly’s 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.2RS and tenth overall amongst the All Wheel Drive competitors.

"We are definitely excited about our performance at this event,” said Skelly, “We started to go outside of our comfort level thanks to the push from Brian McNamara [a fellow competitor in our class] and the forgiving sand. Derrick and I are definitely pleased with the results. Not to mention we got a bit lucky with two DNF's in our class, we were able to push through the sand and finish Sandblast for our first podium."

Skelly and Rudisel traveled from Michigan with two new NSR members, Dan and Teena Finn to attend their first NASA Rally Sport event. This was the first rally experience without the team’s normal crew since their debut in January 2012 and the Finn’s first ever rally experience. NSR follower Hector Mantilla contacted Skelly to see if their team was in need of any crew members.

“We are so thankful that Hector [Mantilla] reached out to us to see if we needed any assistance at the event. A lot of circumstances for our team members left us without any crew last minute and we were worried about having too much pressure on Dan and Teena. But everything worked out beautifully and it was an awesome experience for all of us. We were extremely lucky to have Dan and Gino [Malinoski] and his buddies welcoming us back when we came into each service. They took great care of the car and made sure we didn’t have anything to worry about other than racing,” states Skelly.

Next up on the calendar for the team is the Magnum Opus Rally on April 20th, also hosted by grassroots rally sanctioning body NASA Rally Sport (NRS).

Noble Star Rally would like to thank their 2013 sponsors:, ARP Customz, Prismatic Powders, Ainove Inc., SubaRoots, Ken’s Body Shop, Grimmspeed &

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The event was part of the NASA Rally Sport - Atlantic Cup series.

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Photo of car on stage, photo courtesy of Christopher Meegan.

Photo of car in service, photo courtesy of Jon Kramer.