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Press Release

NASA Rally Sport Congratulates Ray Hocker and Names New West Coast Director

Ridgecrest, CA (February 24th, 2014)

Ten years ago in the wake of some major changes to the sport of rally in the US, Ray Hocker declared the need to “make sure that our clubman competitors know that we will continue to represent their interests in providing safe, fun, and affordable events.” Establishing NASA Rally Sport with John Shirley, and supported by John Lindsey of the National Auto Sport Association, the goal was to work with all organizers and competitors for the growth of the sport.

Both Ray and his wife Donna have worked tirelessly to make sure that grassroots rally in this country thrived. They are part of the rich history of California Rally Series events like Rim of the World, High Desert Trails, Ramada Express International Rally, and the Gorman Ridge Rally, etc. If you’re at all involved in the sport, you've been greeted by Donna’s smile in registration and seen Ray at various controls throughout the events making sure everything is running smooth.

Ray and Donna will continue to support and organize events, but they have chosen to transition from their roles and would like to name a new director. “We would like to announce that Kristopher Marciniak will be the new NASA Rally Sport West Director. Along with his wife Christine, we are confident about the future and we know we are leaving it in good hands,” said Ray Hocker. “We are very pleased about the growth of the sport and we’re excited to see where NASA Rally Sport can go.” The Hockers' dedication and passion for the sport of rally is what helped to make NASA Rally Sport the grassroots rally sanctioning body it is today. We thank them for their hard work and congratulate them on their success.

The Marciniaks first competed at the Gorman Ridge Rally in 2005, got engaged on a turnaround stage at the Prescott Rally in 2006, and organized their first event in 2009 (The High Desert Trails Rally). They are involved in various supporting roles with the California Rally Series, and continue to compete with their new car and update their popular US rally website:

“We’re absolutely excited to take on this role. Our passion is stage rallying, and being competitors - I feel - makes us sharp organizers,” Kristopher spoke of the Marciniaks' new role at NASA Rally Sport. “Our focus will continue to be the enjoyment of our grassroots racers. Every racer, from those at the front of the pack to the team starting last, we want everyone to have a great time at our events.”

NASA Rally Sport, the grassroots rally sanctioning body in the US, focuses on competitor fun and providing support for rally organizers. For more information visit:


Media Contact: Kristopher Marciniak / / 646-535-4240