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What really makes a car a rally car? The suspension!

Suspension makes the car a rally car: Regular street car struts / shocks are just not designed to take the abuse and friction that rally cars can see. Can you finish a rally on stock struts? Yes, but it should be your first upgrade as good suspension allows you to go much faster on the stages.

  • Look to see what struts / springs other rally teams use
  • Often, 'HD' or Heavy Duty struts may be available off the shelf
  • Research 'inverted shocks / struts' - This takes the side loading and spreads it over a 50mm housing.
  • Look for suspension kits specifically designed for rally. A motorsports kit may not give you the suspension travel you need.
  • Stay away from cheap coil over kits - these are designed to lower your car, not raise it up for rally.
  • Contact one of our Competitor Life Coaches
  • Start with a $1500 - $2000 budget for basic rally suspension.
  • Consider acquiring the knowledge to rebuild them yourself, or plan for what that will cost after a few rallies.